Monday, July 18, 2011


Well, didn't I just go right ahead and drink far too much yesterday? Have I spent the entire day throwing up? Yes indeed I have - I am a bog monster today.

This is a necessarily short blog because looking at the screen is fairly painful for my eyes and I need to go and try and eat something else to see whether the eject button is still stuck down in my stomach. I suspect it might be but I remain hopeful.

The weirdest thing about being sick all day is that I haven't drunk any tea at all today - nothing at all. No tea. It's the longest I've gone without tea in a very long time. I sort of want to try some now but I am scared of having hot tea coming back out of my nose.

I'm not expecting sympathy - I firmly understand this mess is entirely my own fault.

The best thing about spending an entire day lying on the sofa staring at the TV is that you realise quite how great JML products are - if I had any money to my name I would certainly be purchasing a new ironing board cover and probably some kind of immense glue. I'm not sure what I'd do with any of them in all honesty but I want to own them desperately after all these glossy adverts I've seen. I think perhaps they should open a JML theme park where we can all go and play with these ideas for hours on end and have a great time!

This may just be the inane ramblings of a dehydrated idiot. Off to vom once again...


  1. I still feel shit from Saturday night. (Note to self Toby, you are not 25 anymore)

  2. i've been reading these blogs for some time... maybe you're drinking too much?