Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Foot in a Mug

Good morning!

Holy meowing octopi, I hope you are glad that I went to Bournemouth and gigged for us so that you didn't have to! If any of you ever hear me utter the words "That gig wasn't so bad, I will do it again..." please race round to wherever I am and beat the living crap out of me using a pillow case full of soap bars. (Name that film reference for a point...?)

I don't even want to talk about that gig. All I will say, is that there were points when I thought things were going to start falling off my body through sheer terror and unwillingness to shuffle onto a stage. There are moments with this comedy lark where you stop and wonder how your ongoing quest to have an awesome job has lead you to trying to accumulate the love of a room full of Big Brother contestants.

Thank the good invisible rock monster for the drive there and back which was charming and a rare sort of journey where three total strangers get along without any issues for an extended period of time. Perhaps I should just get a job as a chauffeur instead?

This afternoon I am off to the Natural History Museum to look at the blue whale and other selected creatures and facts. I bloody love the Natural History Museum - it kicks the ass of all other museums in the vicinity. The Science Museum and I fell out badly when the once asked for ID on entry. I was less than impressed. This makes my list of weird times I have been asked for ID a whopping two now. The other entry being the time I tried to buy coffee (aged 23). I didn't even know there was any age limit for coffee buying? Let alone that I could possibly look younger than it aged 23?? Especially as I was mid-Fringe at the time and therefore looking about as haggard as they come.

In fact I really should have already left the house to go and do some mini-shopping before I get busy with the dinosaurs. I'm on a pretty strict budget at the moment pre-Edinburgh, however, I have the birthday of a certain over adored nephew upcoming and he requires a whole heap of presents to ensure he continues to think of me as the cool aunt who lives somewhere else. IT's a heavy responsibility but someone has to live up to it. BOOM.

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