Friday, July 22, 2011

Travelling Shoes

About to embark on a weekend of travelling and gigging and generally feeling like a bamboozled hobo... ah the life of the wannabe performer.

First things first though... lunch with the little sister's new beau. She will be there too - I'm not conducting some kind of weird tete a tete to suss him out without her knowing - I'm flattered to have actually been asked to meet him. Now, the thing with my little sister is that she's extremely stunning. When you try and picture her you sort of have to play a game called "What Is Laura Not" and then you build up an idea. Where I have flesh covered pegs, she has the lower half of Elle MacPherson, where I have three strands of brown "hair" that I carefully wrap round my head, she has a bushy blonde mane... where I have the sort of happy playful tummy that small children like to push and ask how it got like that, she has some sort of flat area which clothes mould to.

Her taste in men is interesting. The only common theme in the kind of guy she goes for seems to be that they have the physique of a limby surf board, complete with rudder. She loves the schnozzer. You show her a beak and she will pin a picture up on her wall and worship it. She's the kind of lass that thought the Weasley twins were attractive. I don't really understand. I'm curious to meet this new contender for her company and see if he can hold it together under intense scrutiny and a tad of nonsense. If I'm not keen then I might turn the meal into an "Audition for Will Ferrell Movies" exercise and start flinging pasta against the walls.

Straight after lunch I'm off on a train, and then into a car for a dash across the country to Ramsgate to do some gigging. You should come. Then it's back to London for some shut eye - you should not come - and then off to Hastings tomorrow to collect a projector for Ink - again, it might be weird if you turned up. Then tomorrow evening it's back to London for some gigging - more than welcome - before Sunday is a dash to Colchester for extra gigging - by all means if you're in the area - as well as some costume shopping for the aforementioned show.

This kind of an exciting weekend is great... it takes a while to get used to this travelling all over the shop and not being intimidated by it lark - I'm not sure I'm totally there yet but it's certainly getting easier. During the trip to Hastings tomorrow there will be a very excellent video chat with the Artistic Director of Spun Glass Theatre (the company that Ink is being produced by) who is in Thailand at the moment being very cool. Perhaps when the chaos of Edinburgh has calmed down and all is well with the world again, I will start sketching out plans for a similar trip of my own... or if the lunch goes spectacularly badly today I will just run for the hills before my sister kills me or finds out what I've written here...

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