Monday, July 11, 2011

Something to Smile About

Over the weekend my old man back in the shire has been putting the wheels in motion to organise a chairty comedy night back in my old stomping ground. He's asked me to help him out putting a line up together. As I've started pulling in interested people and sorting through various ideas, I've realised I'm really enjoying myself.

The thought of being able to:
a) Put on comedy in my home town for a venue I love and people I connect to,
b) Hopefully make a lot of money for an incredibly worthy charity,

makes the effort of organising the whole thing very much worth it. I'm obviously working for free on this little project.

Without meaning to do this entire blog in a font called Twee, I'm surprised at how much of a difference it makes to do something business related but with a personal touch. I think more of the world would be a happier place if we scaled everything back a little bit and worked on things where we saw the results locally.

People seem to take a lot of pride in things they've done themselves (kids' pictures on the fridge, homegrown vegetables, masturbation) and yet the world continues to tick over with mass production. I don't think a sense of disconnection between you and your productivity achieves excellence.

Back to today, I'm guarding a new reception this week... it's markedly more terrifying and less interactive than the last one! I think I might be pining. However, on the upside the staff room does have still and mineral water on tap like a beer pump so I'm pretending that I'm guarding a very snooty restaurant this week. as such, I'm treating everyone like they're drunk. It's really working for me but there's a chance I won't last long because people will reach their capacity for being patronised by someone with a ponytail and a filofax.

I'm very, very excited about the preview shows that are on tonight; Bridget Christie and Paul Sinha. I am occasionally pinching myself to make sure I'm living in reality and actually meeting all these fine people! I have to say I have a bit of a bias this week (even though this feels like admitting which of my children I prefer) but I actually cannot wait until Wednesday when we have Tiernan Douieb and Keith Farnan both doing their shows. It's hard to explain how much mayhem this could cause... unless you were repeatedly drunk in a cow watching them trying to compere a quiz together than you will find it hard to understand the levels of competitive comedy that exist between them.

Next week I'm jetting off (I say jetting, I'm taking the 7am slow train) to Somerset to celebrate the 2nd birthday of the Granny Smith of my eye. As his present, I've decided to take a more creative approach to spoiling him... I am going to collect all of the most beastly of gifts and present him with his very own Beasty Club Membership Card and treasure chest. I think this is the quickest way to make sure he thinks I am a cool and trustowrthy person to always be nice to and never have to eat vegetables with. It's not that I'm desperate for affection or anything it's just that... well, no I definitely am - I'm a comedian what did you expect?

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