Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Unlikely Places To Be Sad

I guess you must have swam here
Watched me leave on the ferry
Wagging your heavy tail
Slobbering your Komodo drool on the quay.


As I got out of sight

In you splashed.
Fighting and panting.
Your front legs doggedly pushing the icy Atlantic away
Head: resolutely South West.

2 days it took you.
While I soaked up Tresco and St Agnes
You reached the shore of St Martin
As I sat there on the beach.

A beach the best in the UK
A beach the edge of paradise
Glittering granite sand gilding
A mountain peak lazing
Idly amidst oyster catchers and terns.

Out of the tidal mass you lumbered
Clambering onto my lap.
Dripping cold sea into my lungs
Shaking out your fur
Blocking the view
Distracting my voice from jolly conversations nearby
Laying your sodden bulk on my hope
Leaning your dead weight into our future.

Not telling me of your adventure.
Just reminding me you'll find me.
Blank. Cool eyes looking calmly into mine.
Without fierceness. You're composure.
Ever present. Deafening weight.

Following from a distance and dropping in, and on and all over.