Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sad things that have happened to me this week...

I bought new tupperware at the weekend.
I was thrilled about it.
It comes in a 6 piece set, which cost £6 (a bargain!).
I texted 3 friends to tell them about it.

I got asked for ID going into the Science Museum.
He didn't believe I was 23.
He made me show my passport.
Again, I was going into THE SCIENCE MUSEUM.
It's usually so child friendly.

I passed up a party Saturday night to stay in and babysit.
To be fair I actually really like the baby.
And I don't like Taunton after 10pm.
Well that's not strictly true.
I like Taunton after 10pm.
So long as I've had at least 10 drinks.

Just in case you were wondering, this isn't some sort of awful post-modernist poem - I think there would have to be an additional 9 items on the list of things that makes me a loser before I could officially class myself as a poet. For the time being I'll remain a comedian. But not a cool one.