Thursday, July 21, 2011

Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath

When I'm bored one day in heaven (run by Pill Pullman and involving an awful lot of cookies) and I'm listing my days in the order of how brilliant they were - today will come pretty high. I have been swimming, played in a sand pit, watered flowers, bathed someone and then won two quizzes.

These might not seem like very exciting activities all in all, but when you do them with a two year old who thinks you are brilliant then your life just increases in brilliant levels. The nephew liked his Beastie Clubhouse birthday present so much that he decided to sleep in it last night - his parents are thrilled that he went to sleep, they cared not where. This evening when I tried to tuck him in I tried to tuck him in nicely and ended up tucking him so closely into the corner of the tent that every time he moved his head he banged it on the radiator. I'm pleased to say he seems to have a little in common with with me because rather than shifting himself he kept turning his head back to try and see what he was banging it on. I watched him do it three times and then thought I ought to intervene. He then lay listening to the rest of the hungry caterpillar rubbing his head and giving my the ole stink eye as though I should have known better. I probably should have.

There's so much about children that's hilarious. It didn't matter how many times I swam under the water and popped back out again this morning; it was the funniest and most surprising thing that had ever happened. It also didn't matter that he couldn't do it all... swallowing a little bit of water and then spitting it back out again seemed to equate to the same thing in his eyes and so we all clapped and cheered. So easy to please. In all honesty though, his parents are just as amusing. During our quiz today one question was, what item comes in sizes A2, A3 and A4... my brother-in-law answered "Bras". I think a small part of my sister died inside.

Sandpit games are just as fun - I was given my own rake today. Have you ever tried to convince a two year old that the reason he keeps getting sand in his eye is because he keeps looking at the spadeful of sand while it's above his head. He's a fastidious creature though and it did take me a good half hour to convince him that some dirt was allowed in the sandpit and that we could still play in it without needing to remove every tiny piece of brown... mainly because the tiny pieces of brown were sand not dirt.

Tomorrow I'm off back to the land of the real world... I've not checked my emails for two days while I sink back into familyville... I'm hoping nothing's exploded in my absence from the internet. I highly doubt it has. Of all the people that are holding integral things together, I think I'm one that can probably be missed for a while without the Pentagon getting a bit squeaky bum. In fact, I think if there's one bonus to being smei-useless it's that no one really misses you when you want a holiday. I may well emigrate...

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