Saturday, September 11, 2010

What's With The Chimp And The Bug?

I am writing today's entry from deep in the luxurious basement flat of two of my very favourite people in the world. For I am in Brighton. Ah, sweet Brighton.

Brighton is one of my very favourite places in the world and I thought I would also explain why. I would however like to point out how painstakingly difficult this blog is to write for me because I am using a mac and I am far from mac savvy so I keep pressing the wrong buttons and shooting things all over the place. I am enjoying the mac a bit however - I really like that the buttons light up. Surely this should be an essential feature on any keyboard? Good work apple.

Good work apples should be introduced to schools as a way of blandly praising small children for doing their work. They wouldn't be happy but after a few generations people might start to consider apples a really nice treat and then we might be somewhere closer to getting common sense back into the way we live. Side point.


1. The sea. I love the sea. The sea is amazing. I'm sure I've blogged about this before at some point. The sheer vastness of the sea makes me feel ever so peaceful. Like, whatever you're worried about the sea will always be bigger and more powerful than anything anyway. So never mind. And even rocks get pumelled about by the sea. So when the rocks are worrying they should think about the sea too. I like the way light reflects on the sea. I like the way light reflects on any watery surface. Before I moved to London I used to make a point of always going to the Southbank whenever I was there and dreaming about living there and seeing the lights on the Thames every day. And now I still do it whenever I can and it hasn't lost any of the magic. Simple things.

2. The people. A lot of my very favourite people live in Brighton. Sadly, a lot of them are leaving soon and so I will have very little reason to come here. So I am making the most of being here now while they are. Even the people I don't know are great here. I was lucky enough to spend last summer working down here and just had the time of my life meeting fun people and all my workmates were fantastic fun. It's lovely to come to a town where the general vibe is so subimely friendly. A testament to how friendly it is; I left my car window open all night yesterday and it is fine. I did apologise profusely to Roly (my car) and we are ok about it now. I don't recommend everyone do it - I'm just wondering how that would have gone had I done it in Charlton.

3. The colour changey bench. The colour changey bench outside the theatre is an amazing piece of seating and should be maintained forever. It is next to the Max Miller statue should anyone from round here wonder what I'm talking about.

4. I have tonnes of fond memories of Brighton. I was very much in love here and because of here and I think any other place would have lost its shine once the love died. But not Brighton. For some reason it's better than that. And for that it is great. I think this may be the fact that it has a fabulous cupcake shop that I love more than anything and a pier. Piers are wonderful. Completely bonkers that you are more than willing to go to a shabby, overpriced, grimey funfair just because someone has built it on a half done bridge. Humans.

So last night I was greeted with oodles of alcohol and some lovely chit chat with friends and I think tonight might not be so different. This is excellent. It also may include some Articulate - which is a magical game which causes arguments equal to the amount of laughter in induces. I don't think I could ever get bored of playing it. It helps that I'm exceptionally good at it too. I enjoy being good at things. Immensely.

If I was ever to build a town I would somewhat model it on Brighton. It has some excellent hotels and was the first place I ever really stayed in a proper one. It has wonderful architecture and a real sense of 'Fuck You' about it. Black taxis? Fuck You. We want green and white. Perfect.

I would make sure my town had much a much smaller draw for hen and stag nights however as they are horrendous and tacky and ruin the Fuck You vibe with a 'hey, the tourism trade needs it' vibe. Which I don't like. One day I will get back to my plans to move to Brighton, I feel this will be in a few years and I'm excited about this. Brighton is like my trashy romance novel where they are necessarily parted early on but you know she'll show up at the end all soaking wet and throw herself into his arms. I'm hoping this will translate into me showing up a bit confused and buying a house and settling down - not just actually wet and face planting on pavements. But you never know. Peas.

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