Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Have a Pun-T

Tube strike did not affect my day at all today. I got to work on time happily and discovered I've actually been going the long way to work all along. Dumbass.

I'm lying. Of course the tube strike has affected my day. I have spent most of the day coming up with tube strike based puns to satiate my incredible need for bad jokes. These are my top efforts so far -

Consumers face the big question; Tu-be or not Tu-be?

A certain wookie would like to appeal for the cesation of his beatings. This is not a Tubeacca strike

Requests for brazillians go up ten fold as confused commuters face the prospect of a pube strike.

TfL bowling team set to ace 2012 olympics after extensive time off for strike action

How do you like them apples, huh? Well I'm pretty pleased with myself even if you are disgusted.

Funny Women semi-finals totally happened in a happening way last night. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to pass straight on through to the finals. However, I have been put through to the curious 'Last Chance Saloon' at the Camden Roundhouse on the 18th. This seems like an odd concept to me but I'm perfectly happy to have another shot at getting my ass into that final line up. I have to say though that sitting in that dressing room last night among some damn funny women was a big enough reward in itself. Was crazy how good the company I got to keep was. Happy bunny was I. And then afterwards out to dinner with all the ragamuffins I'd dragged along to see the show. Aces. Chinese. Was Chinese food and our traditional Chinese waiter had a name badge on saying 'Barry'. I can't help but feel his parents were as experimental as parents from Hackney that call their kid Sitting Bull. It's nice to cross borders.

Pretty tired today but off gigging in Kingston tonight to try out some new material that I would like to get into general usage eventually. I've never been to Kingston before, I imagine it'll be a place where people are very friendly and constantly cursing the fact that they fucked up at the estate agents and didn't actually buy at the heart of the Jamaican capital. I may well be disappointed when I arrive. Time will tell.

I'm very content today. I think it's the lingering effects of the tube strike. The world really does take on a special sort of glow when there's a crisis for us to moan about. I think it speaks volumes about the mundanity of our lives that even a really irritating variation on everyday is welcomed with open arms. People are really enjoying having something to talk about and it's a flaming godsend to poor old Coleen Rooney who has been bumped from several precious column inches to make way for lambasting of Bob Crowe. Fa la la la la.

In other news, the best way for a quick self-esteem boost is to leave your phone at home I have discovered. I arrived back to find my phone on my futon with no less than 20 messages awaiting my beady eyes. Of course they were largely defunct given that I only saw them 6 hours later but I must admit I felt good. On tomorrow's agenda is to get a life.

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