Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Invention of Smiling

Face - I just want to be with you.

Hand - It's not that I don't want to be with you. I just can't be with you all the time.

Face - Why?

Hand - Because I've got shit to do. I gotta be shaken, I got to wipe, I got fingers to support. I'm busy. You just sit there all day.

Face - Exactly. That's why I get so bored. I got nothing.

Hand - You need a hobby.

Face - But what can I do? You used to think I was cute. You used to stroke me all the time. Now you're just always busy with buttons and typing and stuff. You don't even moisturise before you come to see me any more.

Hand - I would if I could. But I just can't have you hanging on my every move all the time. You know? You gotta relax. All that frowning - you're gonna be exhausted.

Face - You'd frown too if you had my rotten luck...

- I can't frown and you know it! That was a dirty thing to throw in my palm.

Face - Oh all right then - ball a fist. Whatever. Don't point the finger at me in this argument.

Hand - You're the one always turning your nose up at me! Like I'm not even good enough for you anymore. And I've seen the way you look at my twin.

Face - Oh please! Don't give me that. You couldn't wait to jump on that other girl who came around here the other day. You literally couldn't have pounced quicker. "It was a slap" You said. Yeah, well, I don't see why you had to go. What's wrong with a kick in the shins, huh?

Hand - I ain't explaining myself to you any more Doll. I've had it. You can paint your own eyes and lips from now on. I'm sick of running around after you. Who wipes the crumbs off you when you eating? Huh? Who puts your war paint on so you can go winking at other guys? Who always, ALWAYS washes after wiping so that you ain't gotta wrinkle your pretty little nose when I gets close? Huh?


Face - You think my nose is pretty?

Hand - Sure do. Always have.

Face - I love your cuticles.

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