Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bug Juice

One of my best friends ceased today. My faithful, beautiful, wonderful, epically loyal laptop, Bug Juice, just stopped working and I am devastated.

Bug Juice - named after an obscure TV show my sister and I used to watch about an American summer camp. Reason for this being there was a fat blonde kid called Asa who used to cry about EVERYTHING. No exaggeration. He was proud of himself for everything -

"I...(sob) climbed all the way to the top of the wall and my mom would have been so prouuuuud (wails)"

"I...(sniffles) managed to do the whole hike today without falling down...I am so proud of myself. But I still miss my mooooooom (full blown dribbling and thrashing)"

"I...(wipes snot on back of hand) managed to go a whole day without eating a snickers...I miss my heaaart attaaaaaaack"

And so on and so forth. He was a mess. And my laptop is/was an Acer and is therefore named after this show that brought us much joy.

Bug Juice is the first laptop I've ever had and he really is my pride and joy. I have a tendency to name everything which does make it difficult when they inevitably break. When my car dies I'm going to sob relentlessly. My car is called Roly, because Dad thinks he looks more like a roller skate than a car. He is small, a bit crap and has orange bucket seats. I adore him. My mp3 players have traditionally been named after different deities/important folks - so far we've had Buddha (a Creative Zen), Hercules and Zeus. My new one is called Bono. I don't really know why. I think it's because he pisses me off just when I think I should like him.

Bug Juice came to live with me the Christmas before last. He was initially perturbed by the amount I played Chocolat on him. I explained I don't sleep well in silence and films I know off by heart work best. He understood. I was concerned by the flashing red lights down one side - Bug worked hard to explain that these were normal and indicated internet access.

Bug Juice and I did dissertations together, we watched hours of YouTube together researching the history of Vaudeville, we went through a lot...and now he is gone. And I am bereft. I now have evening after evening stretching ahead of me where I cannot work on scripts, I cannot surf random crap until even I'm bored of my own procrastination, I cannot watch While You Were Sleeping over and over again until both Bug Juice and the disc are weeping and begging for it to stop. No amount of explaining to Bug how perfect Bill Pullman and I were for each other got him on my side for that one.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to move on very quickly. I'm going to need some time. Even borrowing my flatmate's mac to write this on feels kinda wrong and dirty. Like cyber cheating. Bug is lying on the floor looking dejected and a little morose. It's like he's in a coma? He can't actually be totally gone can he? There must be things people can do to rescue him? Please?

I miss Bug Juice. And my sanity.

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