Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Back In The Shi-i-i-ire

So I've just touched down in Somerset...wha' Zummmmerzet? No fuckwit, that is not how I said it so please do not repeat it back to me like the fact that I've just revealed where I'm from has made you start imagining I have a thick rural accent and a piece of straw hanging out of, my frankly slack, jaw. I do not meet people from India and suddenly start repronouncing Mumbai for them in their own accent in some sort of hideously racist attack. So don't do it to me.

Have been greeted with a new wardrobe from my generous little sister and a chance to babysit my nephew tomorrow morning. This is excellent news as it means I can start forming a set for my Comedy 4 Kids gig next week. I'm pretty sure 1 4month old will be an excellent judge of material. Sure...

Right now we're all gathered round watching old, seriously old, home movies. This would be a really lovely experience if it weren't for that fact that I went through a long phase of wanting to be a boy. I insisted on having a Damon Albarn inspired hair cut and mainly wearing felt shirts. Hideous.

Tomorrow I am out on the town. Taking my new boots out to meet and greet the folks of Taunton town. Taunton's an interesting night out. By rights it should be a little bit crap, and it is, but it's also a little bit amusing. The convenient location of a marine camp just down the road makes it a bit of a slag magnet. So it can be a very amusing place to go and judge people. I'm a massive snob. It's paining me slightly that I intend to wear Jeggings out tomorrow. I've tried quite hard not to let wordsquishes into my general day to day life - I don't follow Jedward and I certainly wouldn't buy tickets to SuBo. But somehow a pair of jeggings have vaccuumed pack themselves to my legs and have chosen to look great with my boots. C'est La Vie.

So I am off to nestle deep into the bosom of my beloved county. It's good to be home.

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