Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bang went the girl

Well, my joy at today lasted a stupidly short time...I arrived in Swindon for my 11am meeting only to find out that the man I was meant to be meeting is on annual leave. What a kick in the teeth to be told, as a person who has just come back from holiday, that the people you need to speak to are now still enjoying their holidays. Gutted. So, I'm now in Swindon with not enough internet connection to do any realy work and not enough money to buy any more coffee having just spent £40 getting to my non-existent meeting.

The problem now is that I'm in a lot of pain and don't have anything to distract myself. My body is literally falling apart - who knew a person could exist on solely adrenaline? As the morning has gone on the walking has reminded my hip that it is obstinately intent on remaining nomadic. Dickhead.

The recurring back strain that I so gloriously avoided during my Edinburgh runs is back with a vengeance and I've now decided it's largely due to carrying a laptop around and sitting on trains all the time. For this reason I've decided to stop carrying a laptop and going on trains - which is going to make my job hard. But not too hard because chances are the right folk wouldn't have been at my meeting anyway.

But now, what new pain is this dear body? My throat has decided that it wants to swell up ever so irritatingly but seemingly only down one side. I have that bastardly annoying thing where you feel fine until you swallow (shut the fuck up gigglers I'm moaning), and then all of a sudden you realise that the Numskulls have been giggling and have inadvertently mowed up parts of your soft squishy throat that should have been left clear alone. I have now gone from hopeful to grumpy - leaving me with the belief that "yes" getting up early in the morning is euphoric and beautiful, but you should definitely go back to bed before every other irritating fucker gets up.

This must be why Edinburgh was so good - I was nocturnal. And drunk. Perhaps it is the lack of alcohol and the dawning realisation that I am many many years off being a full time comedian talking, but I am grumpy.

So I thought I would make a list to cheer myself up - a list of things that are upcoming that I am excited about.

1. Going to Somerset this weekend to see a small boy and a big family that I love.
2. Going to Brighton the weekend after to see many friends that I love.
3. My birthday. No party plans as I hate clamouring 'IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY' but I really enjoying being able to think quietly in my head 'it's my birthday' and know that it's only true for that one day a year.
4. Back to Canterbury to see in another Fresher's week with LOADS of friends that I love.
5. Hallowe'en. I like playign with pumpkin pulp.
7. Many more things before Christmas.

I feel better.

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