Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stuff the Manic Wagon

In the last couple of days I've been pretty busy. Good busy and bad busy.

Firstly, I've been trying to train someone at work. This is great because it means someone trusts me with someone else. It also means I have plenty to do in the office and I get to make a new friend. Unfortunately it's showed me that my nurturing side is decidedly lacking.

I always thought I was pretty nurtuting. I like to name inanimate objects and I'm a big fan of looking after things that don't really require looking after. When I was at University I had a pet hamster which I took very good care of. Essentially my pet hamster was only aball of wool which I kept behind a trellis with some glass beads to eat. But I took care of it really well. I used to take it out to the garden with me in the summer (my housemates thought I was barmy). And once, when my housemate Will kicked it's water tray by accident, I made him go and refill it. Will was bemused and tried to say no but I was insistent that it was a hot day and bad things would happen if he didn't. Eventually Will gave in and my ball of wool got new water. I was a good parent.

But my hamster died when another of my hosuemates needed a fancy dress costume. That was a sadder day than most. So, with all this practise, and the fact that I rarely cruelly kill Sims, I thought I'd be excellent. I am not.

My attention span and patience are limited it turns out. I mean, I always knew I was bad at concentrating on things that don't entirely occupy me, but I thought I'd be better with actual people with personalities.

My trainee is delightful. She's dedicated and committed and going to be seriously good at her job. She actually already is. But I do keep looking up when she says my name and thinking 'Oh, you're still here.'

I'm terrifically lucky that she is very patient and a nice person because I'm sure it must be quite alarming to have the person shaping the roots of your new career keep staring at you bug eyed as thought she's not too sure who you are. I think she may have twigged when she came back from lunch break and I said 'Oh!' very loudly and gave her back her chair.

This is worrying me that went I have more dependents I will struggle slightly. Is it ok to put yoru baby down to sleep and go downstairs to watch TV and potentially forget it's there? Go away for the weekend and forget to poke airholes in its crib? Move house entirely and list the baby as part of the itemised contents?

It's probably about time I got a pet. Just a small one. One that I keep tabs on. I sounded out this theory to a workmate in the lift yesterday only I screwed it up slightly by not thinking before I spoke.

Workmate - "You just need to get yourself a boyfriend."
Me - "No, I don't want a boyfriend. I'll definitely take better care with a rabbit."


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