Monday, August 22, 2011

When There's Silence

So... I didn't blog for the last two days - I know this doesn't matter to anyone else but it kind of matters to me because this was supposed to be a little challenge I set myself and when I don't get it done I feel annoyed. The last two days I've just been too fuzzy headed and distracted with Fringe issues to get it done. Today I've got a two and a half hour rehearsal to reshape the play and fix some of the problems that have crept in to Ink over last two weeks. I'm hoping after today I'll be a lot more my old self. Whiny Laura is not something people should have to deal with for 24 hours a day. This morning I managed to be rude to two people before I was even conscious (I feel this is an achievement - they may not) - this probably needs to change.

It's the last week of the Fringe and I'm ready to let my hair down. Bring the noise. Bring it loudly.

I've actually been thinking about my birthday today - I went to see Craig Campbell at The Stand (definitely heavily recommended) the other day and whilst watching him I suddenly noticed that I knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday next month. He was wearing a pair of shoes that were like little rubber gloves for your feet, made from wet suit material with flexibility and awesome toe pockets. I want a pair so badly you can't even imagine it.

I hate shoes - I loathe wearing shoes - I severely detest wearing any form of shoe. I tend to wear flip flops so I feel less like I'm wearing shoes... sadly, these are cream crackering my knees and hips because they make you walk weirdly. So! I think Mr Campbell's foot apparallel might just be the answer to my problems. I might even thank him when I get them - unless that would just be confusing and he'll then think that I think he's bought me a birthday present and then I'll look a bit mental.

However, if he was pleased about me liking his shoes and having got a pair of my own then we might be able to hang out together after that. I will admit he's a tad more outdoorsy than I am so I might have to get into slightly better shape to be able to keep up. A little. (Note: this is a lot funnier if you know who he is).

This evening I'm going out to party a little bit (read, a lot) and the rest of the week will flow by in a happy haze of "nearly over-ness" in which I will have no worries. Huzzah!

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