Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Day 2 - Of Mice and Friends

So... the sun is out, I've been incredibly productive and up until about 30 minutes ago I had no alcohol in my system. I'll be honest, it's not been the most obvious start to the Fringe... I suppose this is what happens when you grow up a bit and have responsibilities to some people who have gathered to re enact the script you have written at 3am.

Would you Adam and Eve it, there is also another show on the Fringe this year called Ink... of all the options for a play you could write why on earth would you steal mine? I mean, what's wrong with re enacting Macbeth in more face paint than any before? Could you not have done a retelling of The Clockwork Orange doing something monumental like using a woman? What ever happened to doing Berkoff productions in white sheets with a message about the Afghanistan war? Why did you have to do a piece of new writing and steal the name of my play?

I'm not saying you're selfish, but, I will just put it out there that I wrote my play about 3 years ago and you should have done your research... this is now officially a turf war. I've laid down the gauntlet now feel free to do some mime on it while I slice you up using fliers.

I think I've done a complete marathon on the streets of Edinburgh today; if I'd had the foresight to ask people to give me a few quid prior today then I could have seriously made some dosh for some hungry folk. Unfortunately, today has mainly been sponsored by me tripping over loose paving stones and swearing at slow tourists. Yet again I have been forced into my rant about how pavements should have lanes:

Stopping lane.
Pushchairs and people who are limping.
People who have nowhere in particular to be.
People who dislike other people and just need to be somewhere without having to weave around bumbags, window shoppers and people who don't know where they're going. Oh, and people who are texting.

This rant can also be exchanged for my rant about needing a "locals" lane on roads where a lot of tourists congregate. I can often be heard giving this rant if I've just had to drive to Somerset from London and have had an hour added to my journey by people who want to look at a loosely organised bunch of upright rocks. Stonehenge is just not that interesting folks, keep moving...

But! Back to the present, here we all are (well, possibly not you and I am truly sorry about that) at the Edinburgh Fringe. The flat has been moved into... it smells a little bit and doesn't really have any interesting features except the cast of Ink but it will be home for the next month. We're going to go out for a small beverage tonight but not too many because I am leaving for Glasgow in the morning for a highly amusing mission of which we will speak tomorrow... I promise ;)

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