Monday, August 29, 2011

Have a Drumstick

I'm sitting with real internet access for the first time in a month, listening to The Byrds, working out how soon I can realistically move out of London and hoping this second cup of tea doesn't mean we have to make a pit stop in the first 5 minutes of the impending journey back down home.

The Edinburgh Fringe is over (for me at least) and to be honest I'm pretty pleased. I am utterly exhausted - I really don't think I could have dealt with much more in this 4 weeks without just tearing off all my clothes and screaming at the rain "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" - if you've never been to the Fringe before, this doesn't mean I've had a horrendously eventful Fringe, this is just how everyone feels at the end. It's the amalgamation of highly strung people, caustic reviewers and expensive food in a very wet but beautiful city.

Ok, after a brief pause (which you didn't even notice because of my subtle use of the return key) I have now spilt most of my tea down my front which means I am confident I won't need to stop excruciatingly frequently (unless I want to wring out my jumper). The Byrds have also finished so I do need to find myself some different music to listen to. Hold on. Ok, Crosby Stills and Nash have stepped up to the plate for a wee while.

I think the rest of this week will be largely made up of my duvet and a West Wing box set until I feel like I have a firm enough hold on myself to leave the house and work out what I'm going to do with the next few months... it feels like everything has been building up to the festival and now that it's been and gone I have to sort of start a new plan. This new plan is probably going to begin with finding a new way to get money into the bank. That's probably essential if I want to live anywhere and eat some stuff.

Of course, I might abandon that plan almost instantly. A much nicer plan would be to just start singing to people in the street and making statues out of clay. Or discovering something very important so that people are pleased with me and tell me I've done enough for this life time and can have a break now. That'd be pretty cool too. However, of all the things I definitely know about myself, I certainly know I am not someone who will discover something important. I'll trip over something important and swear at it for a while before kicking it and walking away, then a week later my friend will turn up in lovely clothes and I'll say "Where did you get those clothes from?" and they'll say, "Oh, see that thing over there? With the dent in it from being kicked? It's really important. I got loads of money for it." and then I'll feel like an idiot.

So. That's what's happening? Feel informed? No, me neither.

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