Friday, May 13, 2011

Window Fish Biscuits

I am in Brighton! I love to be in Brighton! I think Brighton is the only place in Britain I want to live apart from my beloved Somerset. It has everything -

Beach - check.
Nutters - check.
Bars - check.
Grassy places - check.
Friends - check.
Comedy & theatre - check.

What more could you want??

This weekend I am here working on a project called "v-loggers" (which is not an energy drink designed to make you poop). It is an independent pilot being made for a sitcom for TV. I am playing The Girlfriend. She is a very understanding, patient and loving girlfriend so I'm struggling with the characterisation somewhat but nonetheless enjoying the challenge.

Oooh, before I forget - on the subject of dreams (from yesterday's blog)... last night I had a very vivid dream that I kept being attacked by a cat. Now, the weird thing was in my dream the cat belonged to the people I am currently staying with, but in reality that cat is a cat I am secretly terrified of that belongs to some other friends of mine who live back in London. The other weird thing about this cat was that instead of having normal claws, it had very specific tacks used in joining wood together (which I haven't used for some time having not been building with my dear old dad). The cat kept leaving up but because of the design of the wood tack claws he kept getting stuck into me and hanging off. This was neither pleasant, nor particularly useful for the cat who had just become a sort of tumor. All very distressing and confusing to me as I didn't want to be in pain for an entire dream. Why on earth would anyone dream that?

So, today I was up bright and early and off to filming. Since I come from a theatre background (I realise that makes it sound like I wander out of the cyclorama when I go places) I am not used to the nuances of filming and things like continuity and crossing the line. It is all terribly complicated.

Today it has culminated in someone having the specific job of "Replacing The Bourbon" every time we had to redo a scene or do it from a different angle. It's also meant that one poor guy has eaten his body weight in the brown delights. Someone also had the job of checking the temperature of the window panes. I thought this was ridiculous at first until I was reliably informed that if you black out windows from the outside on a sunny day they can crack due to the heat and so must be air-rated. Heat sensitive windows... what a genius idea. Then there were the fish. The bubbles for the fish tank had to be switched on and off every single time we wanted to do a take. Apparently the fish die if there are no bubbles. But fish needing bubbles was innapropriately loud for the microphone. The devil's in the details!

Now I am back on the sofa and have an entire night of admin ahead of me in preparation for the London Festival Fringe Preview season at the Glassblower (Soho - plug plug plug) in July. I have 24 shows to list on every single online place you can list stuff... who wouldn't want to be me? I hope you're having fun outside Brighton... I'm trying to be with you. Promise.

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