Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 1 - 40 Pints of Questionable Cider

Well... here I am in deepest darkest Dorset enjoying the delights of a family that are usually spread far and wide across the British Isles. For this weekend only, we are gathered together in the sprawling house of my aunt and uncle. Now that we've drunk our way into collective memories of all playing naked swing ball together at the age of 4, I think the atmosphere has relaxed somewhat. This process was helped along a little by one of my elder cousins who has turned up to the party with two enormous bottles of "cider". So far, no one has been able to imbibe this cider whilst smelling it at the same time. A few people have passed of the fumes from the glowing orange liquid as sentimental glazing at how lovely the occasion is.

I think the nice thing about this weekend is that it's been organised by us cousins... there are a lot of us cousins. Everyone in my family seems to have put a lot of stock in the instructions to "Go forth and multiply" and thus, there are billions in my generation. It gives this weekend an awesome atmosphere - no one seems to feel like we've all been dragged here to endure endless awkward silences and embarrassing parents. It's like a family reunion - but on our terms. Cue awesome music and the Cohen brothers in to direct something epic.

I am not quite as excited at the prospect of sleeping in my very first tent as I was when I first bought it. That's probably the only downer to my weekend so far. I mean, I understand that I bought the damn thing from Tesco and that it was fairly cheap. But, at the very least I thought it would be waterproof. It appears to have a big section of net over the top of the tent though... this, I'm pretty sure, is a plot flaw in the whole tent creation thing? No? Surely - the most basic thing about a tent is that it needs to have no holes to let rain in? Well, my tent seems to be aerated. But, in a worrying way. I'll have to let you know how that goes tomorrow... when I am soggy again.

Ho hum. But for now, it's greetings from the collection of my nearest and dearest and a promise that there'll be serious escapades tomorrow...

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