Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 3 - Ever Fed Hummus to a Fish... Charlie has.

...and then it was over. Truth be told I feel like a balloon that's spent the last two days wheezing wildly around the big top and is now lying sadly in the corner leaking dribble out of the spouty bit.

This weekend has genuinely been amazing - absolutely awesome. One of the biggest highlights was watching the next generation of us starting to become real little people. There were a motley crew of next generationers at the party this weekend -

Lily and Dylan - Little Londoners with a penchant for guitars and hide and seek. Two excellent specimens of children... both blonde haired and blue eyed with the sort of cackles that make you confused as to whether to hug them or start looking for painty finger prints on your back. We had a pretty epic game of hide and seek which resulted in me scaring the bejeebers out of my aunt when she failed to notice me sitting underneath the shoe hamper until I said hello. Unfortunately, Lily and Dylan were much more eagle eyed and I reached new levels of exhaustion trying to find new places to stow my behind.

Oliver-James - the apple of my eye who you hear about more often than is healthy. What a cherub he was today. Hid favourite game was to find a ball and then go and accost the boyfriend of one of the cousins, so that he could be lifted up high enough to slam dunk in the basketball hoop. He was a bit of a pro (with the help of a certain Antipodean beau) and was merrily lavished with attention much to his delight.

Isabelle - the youngest of the new generation. At only 7 months old, this delight weighed in as the "Most Likely To Remain a Cheeky Monster" for the rest of forever. She is like a human danger beacon... I've never quite seen a small human have such a nose for something sharp and or totally solid. She has the most beautiful big brown eyes and an extraordinarily expressive face. Some babies look like babies - not this one. She looks like a cheeky mini-person already. I am pretty freaking excited to see the chaos this one will cause in later years.

Charlie - where to start with Charlie? Charlie made it his mission this weekend to put as many things into the fish pond as humanly possible. Literally. If Charlie could lift it, and it didn't look like it was entirely meant to be wet, Charlie found a way to launch it pondward... I lost my shit the moment I heard someone say Charlie had been put in a time out... "What for?" someone said, "He just threw the hummus tub into the fish pond." I love the logic involved in this decision.... "Say, those fish look hungry... I like hummus... I bet they'll like hummus...SPLASH." Unless the decision went slightly more the other way, ie "Gee, this hummus looks a bit dry... SPLASH." Either way - brilliant.

It was pretty cool seeing my Grandfather there too - surveying the mess he'd made by meeting my Grandmother and having such a family. We've spread like butter on a hot potato and I think it's fair to say the old guy looked thrilled. Pretty cool legacy. This reunion is set to be an annual event from now on... something I think is pretty cool. Without wishing to go all Dawson's Creek on you poor folks, I think it's all to easy for people to think family reunions are for losers. But then, maybe that's just other people's families...

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