Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blue Eyeliner

Today I had three job interviews. I don't think I've ever had to analyse my future ambitions and my previous 6 months of employment so much in one day. I think the main things I've discovered are that I don't know what I want to do in my future ambitions, but I do know I don't want to do what I have been doing for the past 6 months.

I think I have spoken about myself so much today that I actually don't even want to blog about me. So, I'm going to blog about someone else.

This is Dave. Dave gets tired a lot. Sometimes Dave wears blue eyeliner to work just to see if people notice. Dave has a boring job. He wears a suit he doesn't like and drives a car he didn't want. Dave wears the blue eyeliner to work just to see if anyone will challenge him about it. No one ever does.

It's Monday today, and Dave is measuring the space between his fingers with a ruler at his desk. He has been doing this for nearly 47 minutes. He knows it's been 47 minutes because the office clock is just above Dave's desk. Dave has set the clock on his computer to two hours ahead of the real time. That way, when it's 4pm in the office, Dave can look at the computer and dream about it actually being 6pm and him being at home watching his DVDs.

Dave loves his DVDs. Some people have families, some people have hobbies, some people have pets. Dave has his DVDs. Most people wouldn't polish a DVD case but Dave loves the stories beneath the covers. he loves staring at the inexpressive silver discs and trying to picture the story playing out beneath its surface. He knows the story is in there... but where in there? DVDs are like people but more dependable. A DVD will always be what it promised to be. The story won't ever change. He might not be able to see it, but he knows it's there and that is a very comforting thing.

Dave's DVDs. That's the dream... the shop, with blue carpet and blinds that can let in a little or a lot of light. Dave's DVDs. Supremely cheap stories for anyone to borrow or buy... after they've asked Dave his expert opinion and he's advised which DVD would suit them best. Dave will be like a Dr of DVDs... the glorious man who always has the right prescription for whatever ails his patient.

Every day that he sits at his desk measuring the gaps between his fingers and watching the clock is another day where the pounds in the bank build up and he is one step closer to Dave's DVDs. It's a small dream. But it's still a dream.

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  1. To be fair, as much as I respect Dave's dream, the fact he wants to better himself, get out of the rat-race, be his own boss, be his own man even, he needs to know his market better.

    Dave needs to realise that DVD is rapidly drifting into the arena of the obsolete. It's all about Blu-Ray these days. I fear that Dave is just fooling himself and it will only lead to misery unless he realises this.