Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dreams I Would Rather Not Have

What is a dream that is neither pleasant nor a nightmare?

I thought I understood the dreaming process, in that it's the movement of your short term memory in to long term memory, it can sometimes seem properly random because you actually have about 6 dreams per night but don't remember them all separately hence the jumps in narrative. It's usually connected to your subconscious and all the stuff that's sort of bubbling away beneath the surface.

So why do you sometimes dream of stuff that's totally out of the blue and the first you've thought of it for a long time?

Just recently I've had a whole string of dreams about people and things that have been off my radar for months and months. For example, I've not expressed any desire to be a tartan honey badger for as long as I can remember and yet there I am in my local primary school being introduced to the school by the friendly animal lady who brings the animals round.

Is it an animal link? Because, I do have a very well kept aquarium application on my phone which requires monitoring during the day - is this causing my mind to spring thoughts of becoming a honey badger on me while I catch my beauty winks? Because, I can honestly say I rarely think of honey badgers and I don't have a particularly strong link to tartan either. I wouldn't mind being a mermaid... but I never dream of that? My aquarium is a constant source of joy and quite the creative challenge to name (and remember the names) of a changing pool of 30 fish. Phew!

I also seem to dream about the ex quite a lot - although is more understandable I suppose. The problem with my dreams though, is that I'm never mad at him in them. Not that I'm ever particularly mad at anyone - I have a fabulous inability to hold a grudge against anyone. I would probably have taken Hitler back if he'd promised never to do it again. I just don't seem to have a capacity for disliking people long term. This is definitely a good thing... but in my dreams it would be nice if I could have a few more Kill Bill genes surely?

Yes, I'm meek and so eventually I will get the earth - brilliant, the meek are going to get it as soon as we've had all the fossil fuels and wiped out the interesting species. But, just for now can I be a revenge exacting honey badger who likes to bludgeon people to death with Lee Evans DVDs? (DVDs of him, not his personal library which I would imagine is similar to most other people's.)

My last dream about the ex had us both in a play. But I had forgotten my costume and so was a little grumpy. Everyone else in the play seemed to have a stream of costumes which made no sense at all - I hope this isn't my subconscious trying to give me script ideas, because I don't think anything with a ninja, a blue man and several panto horses is going to get me an Olivier award.

So, if anyone who knows about these things could let me know what I have to eat before bed to get the dreams I want, please do let me know. I've decided that it could be quite beneficial to my overall happiness - I dream very vividly and I always remember them so if I am a lottery winner for 8 hours a day, things will be undoubtedly a lot better. Thanks.

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