Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Ok that mine's not movie quality

Gee whizz...I mean, I literally have nothing of worth to say today. Now, the smart people among us would just say "Hey, why not skip writing a blog today?" rather than subject the odd hapless internet wanderer to some mindless drivel that fell out of your finger tips.

But, that would be failing on my attempt to blog every day in the year 2011...and if there's one thing I've learnt in the last few months, it's that I'm anally obsessive about things.

I don't feel very well today - I have a super dooper headached. Caused, I believe, by the new glasses that were the cause of so much smashing angst yesterday. The trouble is, they're a lot stronger than I'm used to and, while that's fine for looking at the computer, as soon as I turn away and look at something more than a meter away the room gets quite swirly. So far I've had to have 4 extra strong paracetamols and half a litre of vodka just to stop the room spinning.

I suppose my eyes will get used to them...eventually? Yes, yes they probably will...or, I'll become an alcoholic with some excellent frames. I'll be the smartest hobo of them all.

This might be the longest it's ever taken me to write a blog...perhaps it's because I'm writing it so late in the day? All the good ideas might have flowed out of me early on and now I'm left with the dregs? I'd be terribly sad to think I'd wasted all my real creativity and energy on my day job. Yikes. How terrifying.

If I was the trendiest hobo I'd really have to work on those scales of working...there's no point doing all your really good begging in the morning when people are busily heading to work as they're too focused to give you the good money. You'd have to really scale your effort to make sure you catch people heading home. If possible, spend the down time hours while everyone's at their office jobs making a banjo out of a flora tub so you can busk a bit.

Perhaps I'm idealess because I'm missing my siblings...I have returned to London town now. There were no whoopie flags and I instant;y regretted my decision to leave the comforts of the countryside. There's something so fraught about the city - I feel like I ought to have make up on and change my clothes every day - little things like that. Yesterday when I woke up in the Shire it seemed fine to have a breakfast of leftover prawn crackers and a I felt like I ought to eat someting fibrous and high powered. I didn't have anything so I tried to poach eggs.

My attempt at poaching eggs looked a lot like I was boiling dish cloths. They didn't look tasty in the pan...however, they were alright on bread. The brea dhad to be avoided as the excess water from the eggs really made the bread soggier than is comfortable to have in the mouth.

I don't really like mushy food. Soup is not a food - it is a wet source of nourishment. Only the addition of croutons or crusty bread makes soup a meal. Equally I don't like sponge cakes that don't have a chewy portion. I would make a terrible pig - eating swill would be a nightmare. seems this is the extent to which my creativity runs today. Hopefully it wasn't too bad? I'll try and have something interesting to comment on tomorrow!

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