Sunday, January 9, 2011


I don't feel well today. I'm going to power on through and still write something - because that's just how much I give. I'm a giver. I've mostly just hung out with my housemates. We've had some pretty frank conversations. Ones that would make your hairs curl if you believed old cliches. My hair is still poker straight. Either we were just a lot tamer than old wives of yore, or talking about threesomes and all the debauchery you achieved as a student doesn't actually have the power to change your hairstyle.

It would certainly change the atmosphere at the local hair salon if a perm was only achieved with a bit of blue. Not really sure how you'd achieve a blue rinse...I'm not sure that's a place I want to go on a Sunday evening. GHD's the world over could be replaced with a really dull people recounting what happened on Hollyoaks the previous day.

I did actually go and get my haircut yesterday. I now have a pretty intense fringe. I think I look like a boy playmobil person but no one else seems to have really noticed I've even had my hair cut. This could mean one of three things:

a) It looks Ok
b) No one really pays me much attention
c) I've always looked like a boy playmobil person

I think it's probably answer b. I recently got told that I'm a show off. I'll be honest - it rocked me. I've always known I'm outgoing, I am quite attention-seeking...but a show off? Hmmm.... is this what happens when someone who has spend their entire life with other drama students and comedians meets people who like offices? Are we all insufferable? Or is it just me. Or does me thinking it's just me make me very self centred? Does the fact that I'm blogging about wondering whether I'm too ego-centric make me even more self involved?

I think, let's face it, the answers to all these questions are yes. But is this going to change anything? No. I'll just avoid talking to people who don't worship me from now on. Problem solved.

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