Friday, January 21, 2011

Can't Get No Satisfaction

Meh...turns out a poem didn't quite cut it today...just in the mood to ramble you know? I feel it's my duty as a moron to inform you that I've got my tickets to see Tim Minchin at The Royal Albert Hall on the 28th April. Tickets went on sale at 9am this morning and I bought seats 1 and 2 of the Grand Tier (apparently it's fancy??) at 9:25am. Sad? No. Excited? Pant wettingly so...

Now that I've snapped up space for my bum I think you should go and see it too -

While you're there you should also buy tickets to see this rather fine show, which I saw many more times than once when I was at the Fringe last year and it is super great -

There...I think that's all the plugging I need to do today...oh except for my own show on the 31st January which is called Quiz In My Pants, happens in London at The George - a fine pub on The Strand. Tis only a little bit of money and is even cheaper if you join our Facebook group -

So! That's fun!

Anything you need to tell me about?

It's a beautiful day in the city of London today...there's sun streaming in through the office window and I am as productive as a honey bee. In that I'm buzzing around looking fairly lumpy and not really progressing the achievements of my species in a way that will go down in history. It's a sad state of affairs when the success of your day is not measured by the number of lives you've saved or even impacted on, but by the number of your emails people bothered to open. They may not have even read them if we're honest...

Hell, I don't care. It is Friday today and I have a large glass of sparkling Rose waiting for me at the proper end of the day and then tomorrow I head to Brightonia. Brightonia (as regular readers know) is one of my favourite places to go and take in the air. See previous blogs for inane ramblings on how great the sea is and how much heartbreak you can fit into one city...

I've got an audition in Brighton. To do some funny acting. To do it on video too...who knows, one of these days I might have something to show you that resembles me not being sat at a computer. While I'm in Brightonville I'll be catching some very funny friends of mine The Noise Next Door on Sunday night (just when you thought the plugging would stop...hahahahaha - Eeeeeevil me).

For now, let me entertain you with the anagrams of my co-workers names I have produced this morning whilst waiting for things to get done -

Ban Rain Jar Aim (Wrestling competition)
Main Wheels (Nickname for head honcho of a garage)

KA head away banana jar (Which I like to think is a headline describing a story about a car that chases away an evil jar of bananas)
Ferd Boner (Disgusting penis issue)

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