Monday, January 31, 2011

Him and You 2

You: So, it's been occurring to me since I met you that you're incredible.
Him: Right.
You: Right, you're incredible?
Him:Just 'right', processing...
You: Processing.
Him: Well, it's a pretty blunt statement.
You: I'm a pretty blunt girl.
Him: Yes. So what do you want to do about it?
You: Etiquette lessons...?
Him: I meant my incredibleness.
You: Not sure there's anything I can do about it really. Short of killing you.
Him: I'd still be incredible in death.
You: Admittedly.
Him: Like Elvis.
You: Can you sing?
Him: No. But I have great hips.
You: Right.
Him: Processing?
You: Your hips?
Him: Yep.
You: Yep.
Him: Right.
You: You could try being less incredible?
Him: Well, I can do...but seeing as it's only really you that's noticed so far it'd be a shame to stop.
You: No one else has noticed?
Him: Certainly no one's told me.
You: Faux pas.
Him: Not at all.
You: I'm pleased.
Him: Maybe I'll just have to be around you more as not to waste the incredible?
You: I'd like that.
Him: Is that why you told me?
You: Might have been.
Him: It's things like that which make you incredible.

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