Monday, January 24, 2011

Mojo a Gogo

2011 I have gigged in you. Fast and hard with a little more enthusiasm than finesse. But you loved it didn't you...dirty little year that you are. Sweet. That's was awkward wasn't it? Not half as awkward as it'll be by tomorrow's blog when I've listened back to the gig tonight and decided it was all awful and I should never write new material. What I should do, I discovered this evening, is write an ending for my new material and not just let it peter out quietly and sadly...yep - I'll definitely do that by next time. Ahem.

I've been at the delightful Ed Comedy at The Hob tonight in Forest Hill. Was an alright get together - mostly acts in the audience but a few spectators who either tittered awkwardly or arfed tiredly. It wasn't the most sensational night in the world but it's calmed the nerves of a little me who hasn't gigged in a month or so and was slightly apprehensive. So a big pat on the back to me. Just what I needed.

I've been super flat feeling all day - no, I haven't lost weight or had my fun bags decreased. I've just felt a bit beige. A bit bland. Except for a brief highlight in the middle of the day when I discovered a brand new bike to add my list of dreams. It turns out you can have anything you want from me if you buy me a Yamaha XV 1900A Midnight Star. Just get it delivered with a hand written note declaring your undying love and I might even make you a cheese sandwich. Might. Might is important.

Mighty is also important. Today I made some pretty mighty decisions - some of them are of a far too personal nature to publish here. I save only public announcements like my scrotty bowels or my catastrophic inability to keep a man by my side. Some of my decisions today have been less mighty - like that I am going to wear nicer clothes to gig in, I think I would like to see a doctor about my gnarly foot and that a pair of Boyfriend jeans from Next might actually make me happier than the real thing.

And you thought it was going to be a slow news day?

The audition yesterday went pretty well (I think and hope) thanks for asking. So watch this space for an announcement as to whether I've been selected to pretty much outshine any English thespian who ever walked a board or sat in front of a lens. It felt good to be acting and shizzle...I think I might have made the right choice in dedicating 17 years of education to it. What a turn up for the books eh? Who saw that coming...? Probably Nostradamus. I'm pretty sure I featured heavily in his predictions for 2011. He and Paul the octopus used to sit up pretty late discussing where they felt I was going and in what sort of time frame. Bless. Good guys. Not really my kind of people but I threw them a bone. You know?

It's late. I need sleep. And a purpose. Yep.

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