Sunday, June 5, 2011

Raining on a Sunday Afternoon

Is it wrong to kind of love rainy afternoons where everyone has to be home together and so there's kind of a bustling feeling about the house? I know we should all love the sunny weather, and I really do, but there's a real pleasantness about it bucketing down outside and everyone being very snug indoors.

I've just done a bit of a housework marathon... you could eat off every surface in the house. Except me. I'm not sure what I get wrong with housework but, rather than getting anything clean, I seem to just go through a gradual process of transferring the dirt on to myself.

To make matters worse, we also had the tennis on in the background which was making me feel like an obsessive clean freak because all I could do was comment on how gross the clay was getting everywhere. What with jabbering away about that, and having a sponge in my hand, I looked like an ever so slightly less glamorous Nora Batty. Thank heavens for having understanding housemates.

In case my life wasn't sounding glamorous enough, I am now going to catch up on the last two episodes of Dr Who that I've missed. I don't know how I've gotten this far behind but it's not a situation I can deal with much longer. The mountain of correspondence that evaded my grasp yesterday is just going to have to get dealt with once I've seen how the good Doctor and the ginger fitty escape the creepy goo people and get the TARDIS back on track.

This Sunday might actually be the best kind of Sunday because, not only have I been supremely productive (cleaning, second Ink rehearsal, blog, emails) I also have tomorrow off so there is no impending feeling of doom and gloom about having to go and sit in a sty office and pretend you give a crap about some mind numbingly dull sector of the world. I will spend tomorrow sitting on my sofa screaming at Catchphrase contestants and telling myself to go to the library. Days off are days where my body and brain are in constant conflict with one another - brain will be insisting we make the most of it, body will have already got the ice cream and the spoon... body inevitably wins because everyone knows as soon as you start the ice cream your brain packs up. It's not called brain freeze for nothing.

Helllooooooo Monday...

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