Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You're Perfect For Me

I think I first fell in love with you on the 4th July - or was it the 3rd July? I can't really remember, I'm a bit hazy on the details... there was a lot going on then. I just remember flashing lights and and loud noises and stupid people dancing despite the warnings. Then I saw your face - I think you were on the phone. Your floppy hair, your crooked smile and your eyes. I think I knew I loved you in that moment. But you were with someone else then. I didn't understand how you stayed together - I couldn't see the chemistry personally. She was so corporate, while you were just casual and down to earth. I knew you'd be happier with me.

Thankfully she died not long after I saw you and you cried. You cried. You cried wonderfully, I was so impressed. Even while running the country you somehow managed to shed a tear for your dearly beloved wife. You are incredible.

The next time I saw you, you were a little younger - weird, I know... I don't know why I got it in this order but it didn't make too much difference. You were struggling as a single father, setting up house in a new area and trying to keep your work life out of your daughter's new world. I was a little angry with you. You'd been away for so long and now, here you were behaving selfishly and not being the hero I'd always thought you were.

It was weird, I won't lie. And what was with the ghosts? Surely you should have upped sticks and gotten out of there the second it became apparent you were working in what appeared to be a B Movie? I understand potentially why you stayed - your daughter was cool, I'd like to work with her myself. But you? I don't think you needed to stoop to that kind of a level...

But when did I truly know we were meant to be together forever? Well, let me tell you... it was only a little while later. You were single then... but not for long. You met Lucy. You knew you shouldn't have been attracted to her, but you were... but she was with your brother and you knew you shouldn't love her. But you couldn't help it.

Watching you fight your instincts - and fail - and watching her fall for you at the same time... it was perfect. Thankfully the brother turned out to be a jack ass and Lucy fell for you, it's incredible how this always seems to happen in your life. I think it's your aura - you're practically magical.

I just wanted to write you this note to tell you I love you. I have always loved you and I think I always will. Bill Pullman - you complete me.

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