Thursday, April 28, 2011

This is Puffed

So... why is the blog so late today you ask You might not ask, but, because I'm in charge of the words, you've had to for the sake of the narrative. The blog is late for 3 reasons -

1. I've been very sick all day.
2. I received yet more lousy correspondence to complete my week.
3. I went to see Tim Minchin

So... an interesting day in all. All backdropped by massive nausea and a desire to bury myself up to the neck in alka seltzer and not move forever and a day. The email was the second piece of surprise mail I'v had this week which has been like a massive punch in the face. On Tuesday there was random ex-appearance in my inbox which is always a reason for my heart beat to to go a little John Cage, and then today I got an angry email telling me I was the devil. Karma is a bitch. This must be my comeuppance for that week I spent smacking babies in the eye with spoons.

And then Tim. Tim was the gorgeously tight trousered ginger comedy genius who has made it worth carrying on with this farce of a week. He certainly didn't disappoint. That was the 5th time I've seen the guy live and every time I get goose bumps, shivers and a desire to run screaming onto the stage and tell him I agree with 99% of his words and 100% of his notes.

Tomorrow I'm off out of London to avoid the bunting parade - I'm heading for the West Country to bake things, eat things and party hard with a load of 20 yr olds... whoop indeed...whoop.

Sadly I do have to go and sleep now instead of having another nervous breakdown a la yesterday, but I have important fluids to replace in my body (from the being sick not from the weeping over Tim's genius or anything rude). I promise to be better tomorrow.

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