Sunday, April 3, 2011

Don't Dream It's Over

Shire based blogging today from me. I arrived back last night to an evening of toast, tea and Despicable Me with the male sibling. Twas truly epic.

Today has been full of celebrations for the matriarch. I have to be honest I'm still getting used to the fact that my sister also has a child now and is therefore eligible for Mother's Day spoilings. Congrats to her though for creating a child who is both brilliant and easy to handle. We went shoe shopping this morning and he happily toddled all round the 19 shops we went to pointing out every single shoe and naming it. I mean, he named them all 'shoe' but still...

I'm too chilled to really have a lot to blog about in all honesty. There's blue sky, more tea on the way, the prospect of a day trip shopping in Bath tomorrow... there isn't a negative aspect to life as we know it. Except for the fact that I ate enough Indian food to feed a dozen wrestlers this afternoon and therefore feel a little nervous and slightly pregnant. Perhaps this was the point - enjoy Mothering Sunday with a brief glimpse into exactly how uncomfortable you will be when you choose to have a kid of your own one day. By all accounts, being pregnant does not sound fun.

I'm just going to make sure the father of my child is pint sized so the poor kid can't possibly be bigger than me before I've got shot of it. My sister and I decided I had an hour glass figure today, but not the sort of hour glass you see in Aladdin. More like an egg timer that comes with a board game - a bit squashed but it's the nearest shape that fits the bill.

And with a mild apology for wasting your time, I shall bid you farewell - fingers crossed something of note happens to me tomorrow! I think I'm getting dull in my old age...

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