Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mr Wigglemunch

Rargh - something brilliant is going to have to happen today to shift my unending bad mood. I feel like Eeyore, sitting in my cheap blue swivel chair with a rain cloud over my head. Not that you could fit a donkey on a swivel chair, and if you could you definitely wouldn't be in a bad mood any more - but you see my point.

I might just have to make brownies tonight to alleviate my tendency towards doom and gloom this week. This might not be my best move - I'm almost 99% certain my case of the grumbles is a massive come down from a sugar high. I ate an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting on Sunday night and could barely see through the tears when I woke up on Monday morning. If ever Michael Moore needed to make a documentary...

But brownies... there's something very different about eating a delight that you've baked yourself  - it's not just the chomping. When you bake yourself, you get the satisfaction of the cooking process, followed by the delightful aroma, followed by the admiration of your housemates as they gather round to eat the snack you've made from scratch. And then you get to eat something super. Perfect. It's a win win situation for those of us with a sweet tooth and a craving for other people's approval.

It would probably help if I tidied my room too so I felt like less of a Stig of the Dump whenever I went home... at the moment, every item of clothing I own is lying on my bedroom floor. It looks a little like I might be trying to seduce Rumplestiltskin... I am not. It's just that I couldn't find anything to wear on Saturday night and I threw everything everywhere and now I've sort of decided I like having the world's squishiest floor covering. I can't afford plush rugs or an inflatable flooring so this seems like a pretty good option. Unfortunately, my clothes are also getting very, very rumpled so during the day I resemble a clean orphan. But ironing is tiresome and I hate it. I do like the smell of ironing though so I don't mind if someone wants to come round and iron for me.

All in all I think what we're discovering is that I am being a tiresome moody muggins for no good reason and I should probably just stop. But I shan't so there.

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