Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gaga Din

Well, I just finished my third plate of spaghetti bolognese in three days... when will a complete lack of money ever stop being fun eh? Huh! Brilliant. Ho hum. I'm starting to think if I ever have to eat it again then I'll just start rocking backwards and forwards and exclaiming that my chicken money will be worth it when we've got 8  gold medals per athlete.

The thing is, something seems to have gone wrong (at least, I think it has because I can't see how it's right) but I'm being taxed about 33% of my wages... and, given that I'm only really working 2 weeks out of the month... it's quite a large chunk to kiss goodbye to. If anyone knowledgeable on this subject would like to get in touch then I'll actually listen and not roll my eyes and pretend to listen when in actual fact I'm very bored.

I've still got about 3,000 emails to respond to and then I need to pack to go away tomorrow and yet my brain is refusing to deal with any of these pressing issues. Instead, we're just sitting in a chair marvelling at how much we enjoy being in a chair. Huzzah for chairs and comfy bums that sit in them very comfortably. Despite my best efforts to shed some pounds, my bum is still in comfy mode post Edinburgh. I've been trying to shape up recently so that when I go home with the two gorgeous sisters, we can attend out night out and I won't feel like frumpy frumperson.

Heading back to the West Country is always great... I had a reminder this week of how much life can change when you take your mind off the direction. This week I heard the most amazing news; my best friend from my school days has set the date for her wedding and is set to marry the guy she has been dating since we were on a year nine school trip. I've not spoken to her for a few years now - not through design, just through a change of lives which has meant we've not really crossed paths. Now, I'm not invited to the wedding - which is quite normal given that you don't normally invite people you never talk to to important events - and this isn't a whiny piece about how I wish I was etc etc... it's just, it got me thinking about how sometimes you should be grateful for the relationships you have held on to because it hasn't happened naturally.

I take the fact that I have such a great relationship with my sisters for granted when, really, I should be glad every day that we all decided to put the effort in and hold on to what we have. You can't lament a relationship that fell away a little bit through life changes as though you did something wrong; it was just that you can't hold on to everyone and sometimes your life and the individual days make the choices for you.

I'm thrilled for my friend... even more thrilled that due to the miracles of Facebook (even with an updated version currently being berated) I will still get to see the photos!

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  1. Call the tax office, you're being charged emergency tax because your wage changes weekly!x