Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Lumiere!

I had guests!

I had guests round tonight for a meal (that I cooked all by myself) and they all (said they) enjoyed it. The warmth that this brings to my little heart is immeasurable. The meal - which I cooked, did I mention that? - had at least 3 ingredients and even offered a carnivore option for those who were not on the herbivore path through life. How terribly cosmopolitan of me. Incidentally, I have no real idea of whether or not this is cosmopolitan having only ever seen 3 episodes of Sex and The City. Should Sarah Jessica Parker, or indeed Kim Cattrall, wish to get in touch to enlighten me they may do so through the usual channels.

There's something quite satisfying about cooking if you let yourself give in to it. Chopping an onion in silence with some music on in the background could rival skiing so long as you're using a very sharp knife. Tonight was the first time I've cooked in 3 weeks and I have to say that the alchemy that ensued my trip to Tesco was pretty thrilling.

Tesco was also brilliant because the woman in front of me only bought Shredded Wheat and Southern Comfort. She's everything I presume I'm going to be in about 15 years when this whole comedy endeavour has definitely not worked out as I had hoped. In hindsight I should have asked her if we could swap numbers so that she can pass on any tips for how to keep the Shredded Wheat crunchy without losing any of the warmth of the Comfort. Respect your elders.

I suppose today was a taster for what my life could be if I gave up on all my dreams of future careers; it wouldn't be that bad. It would be today on a loop. It would be a boring verging on bad day, followed by excellent company to make up for 8 hours of tedium and disappointment. I'm not sure if I'm terrified or relieved that, given a few years to acclimatise, I probably wouldn't mind too much on a day to day basis. It would just be the day I woke up at 50 and realised I'd never pictured myself working without passion that would kill me.

Pudding was sadly amazing this evening. What with my placement at Shoe Headquarters I didn't have time to bake as well and so pudding was provided via The Hummingbird Bakery... it undid every good intention that Monday brings in terms of behaving oneself re: calories. The apple and marmite sandwich (separate entries into the lunchbox) I had for lunch just laughed hysterically in my tummy as I layered them with risotto and cheesecake cup cake. More fool me for actually believing I could stick to a normal diet!

Now to bed, in time to experience the next delight of the 9-5 routine; the Tuesday pain when you realise Monday was not a one off and, yes, you are expected to repeat this pattern until Saturday. Even on Saturday your body will wake you up at some unGodly hour so as not to "waste the day" by being asleep. Someone needs to tell bodies that on many an occasion it's actually been consciousness that has wasted a day when sleep would have been a much more satisfactory answer.

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