Friday, September 2, 2011

Super September is Underway!

Super September got off to a banging start with an excellent gig at Downstairs at the King's Head - I sucked up my usual nerves and ploughed through 5 minutes of brand new material which was mostly received very well. An excellent start. It then took me about 2 hours and what felt like £5,000 on my Oyster card to get back from Crouch End to Old Kent Road. I just don't think buses in the dark will ever make a lot of sense to me... it's like  all logic suddenly vanishes from my consciousness and every decision I make is the wrong one. In the future I will only live in cities where bus drivers are:

a) friendly
b) wearing green jumpers if they are driving a bus that will get me home

Obviously I am now home though (have been for a few hours), sitting in a towel listening to Will Young's new album (because my social experiment to see if I'll still worship him when I'm well into my twenties is going excellently well) and looking forward to being brilliant for the rest of the month.

Now, while most people wouldn't see sitting on their bed in a towel with absolutely no plans as being a particularly successful day - but they are wrong. There are tonnes of things that could be less successful than today, and most of those I've done this week already (in the bit that was still August so it doesn't count).

One thing I have been working incredibly hard on is not contacting the dreaded ex... now, before you kick off and exclaim to me that I should definitely be totally over him by now, save your breath - I've given myself that stern lecture, I half listened and then I gave myself a mouthful back about how I am over him but I am just naturally a hoarder - whether it is old receipts, greetings cards from people I no longer speak to, or meaningful relationships; I am a clinger.

He contacted me at the beginning of the week and, whilst this is usually enough to send me into a tail spin, this time it felt different - I felt a bit detached, but nonetheless curious... is this good progress? Having never really had any other significant liaisons, I don't really have a template for knowing whether this is a good state of affairs. I'm going to say that it is.

Having satisfied my curiosity and found out he is well, I realised that contact with a long finished ex is a bit like watching Nickleodeon as an adult; you sort of smile fondly and realise that, as an adult, you just don't understand why there are so many talented twins in America, can very clearly see all the reasons Ray and Lisa aren't together, but you still wish your best friend came in through the window with his own ladder. As a child you just hummed the theme tune and frequently forgot to flick back after the music channels in the ad break - now that you're grown you're starting to question the lyricism of "sibling synchronicity".

Of course, it helps that this particular instalment of "Laura being a dickhead because a long forgotten man friend gets in touch" fell straight after the delights of Edinburgh - if nothing else Edinburgh is very good for making it supremely easy to swear at people whether they have wronged you or not. Edinburgh 2011 saw me call a lady (approximately 72) an asshole. This is obviously not something I would do in the real world (I won't say I'm not proud though), but she thoroughly deserved it. I like to think she will change her way of dealing with people in the streets having been dressed down and told to learn some manners by a ludicrously over tired midget wearing a sandwich board.

So, all in all super September is thus far certainly super. It will get entirely more super tomorrow when there's rugby and a trip to Twickenham to get busy with. Chin up folks, I get the feeling we might actually be able to cure something big this month...

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