Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some Sort of Someone

Today I did more housework than any human should be capable of doing before midday. I scrubbed, cleaned, washed, rinsed, scoured and hoovered. I hoovered until there was very little dust left in my room. You could staple an asthmatic to my bedroom floor and they would be absolutely fine. Then I realised that my new house mate went out for his birthday last night and was probably less than impressed with his anally retentive housemate sucking the living life out of the house. I'm frankly surprised the house is still standing given how much strategic dirt I've removed.

This afternoon I had an audition... to play an imaginary 8 year old boy. Now, I can't decide at the moment whether I'll be gutted if I get it because it means I'm a convincing 8 year old boy... or whether I'll be gutted if I don't get it because I (depressingly) know I'm perfect for the role and the Director obviously didn't realise my potential.

It's pretty much been a day of two halves; first half Cinderella, second much more Pinnocchio. What an identity crisis to have on a Saturday.

This evening I'm going to go and sample the delights of a sunset in St Albans. Let's just hope there's something in the air up there that helps me behave like a normal 24 year old. Pray for me.

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