Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Serious Blog for Serious People

Oh hello and welcome to my new blog now that I am 25 years old and a proper grown up with a quarter of a century's experience at being a female human. I've read through all the old posts that were here and realised they are terribly silly. Some of the silliest blog entries that can be found anywhere on the internet. The founder of the internet even wrote to me and said: "Hello to you, please grow up and stop polluting our fine internet with  your nonsense. It is nonsensical. Thank you, love Tony x". I found it weird that the internet founder would write to someone rather than email them but I decided not to let this bother me and pinned it all down to his own special brand of whimsy.

So, as of now this will be a place for absolute, straight down the line serious business for serious people. If you don't like it then just paint a new websical page on the screen of your device and look at that instead. Don't navigate off this blog because I'll get furious and start pounding my fists onto things. You won't like that and neither will the things in my nearby vicinity that are getting pounded. Think of the children.

The new blog is going to include subjects like:

  • Metallurgy
  • 14th Century crimes that involved paper clips and/or scissors.
  • Pixels
  • Nomadic people
  • The habits of limbless creatures
I suggest that if you're not a fan of these kinds of subjects you immediately cease and desist following this blog in any way because you won't like it and then you might pound stuff and I don't want to be responsible for things getting pounded if I'm not getting the pleasure from pounding them myself.

So, you've been warned. Now, it's your responsibility to make sure you think about your actions and behave accordingly. I'll see you tomorrow.

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