Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy Wasp

Busy day! Barely had time to breathe it's been so crazy.

I was on my way into town and I bumped into John Lewis, not a man called John Lewis, but literally the corner of a massive shop. I knocked myself out for a good few hours and when I came to I was sitting in a bath of yoghurt while Martine McCutcheon sang Perfect Moment to me in a series of accents. I asked her why this was happening and she said it was karma because Perfect Moment was the first single I ever owned on a CD. She's got a long memory.

When she let me go I had to promise that the first thing I would do would be to become a life long member of the One Direction fan club... this I have been working on for the rest of the afternoon. I've tied photos of them to each of my toes so that we can chat whenever I feel like I miss them. I have no idea how many of them there are or what they look like but they look good on my feet and so I'm keeping them there until shaving day.

Some people might think I've not done much with my day but to you I say, SILENCE. I am a Queen among procrastinators so just keep your opinions to yourself.

Love and hugs,

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