Friday, April 22, 2011

Pissy Jimmy's Patties

It has been a day of sincere laziness. I'm not even sure I can be bothered to move my fingers enough to scrawl a blog... but I shall suck it up and produce my usual daily miracle to please you. Because you need me. And I need to please. How hard it is to be this brilliant. I really don't know how I manage.

My little brother is here this weekend. We've just had a celebratory BBQ to welcome him to the Old Kent Road and now I'm getting nicely drunk and watching Team America. Pretty much a perfect Bank Holiday in my humble one. I've made burgers from scratch (they were very small and contained mustard which has potentially made one BBQ guest fairly ill tomorrow) and we had marinated chicken and lots of cider and now we're fairly sunned out and ready for bed.

I'm pretty shattered having been to Brighton yesterday (after a trip to Manchester which began at 7:30am) and arriving home at 1am. It was a weird gig last night I won't lie. We tried to entertain the brigades of Brightonians (it was Hove actually) but it was difficult to work out whether they wanted comedians or just people with microphones that they could mess with. Luckily what they wanted (as opposed to slick jokes and confident comedians) was just someone silly that would play with them for a while. I was pleased to be able to be that person.

And, AND... I got paid in rock! Rock! Actual sugary rock!!! What better payment could you have than rock??? Well, I suppose money might have been nice but if you can't have money then rock is just as good. If not better. I firmly believe that the rock made my performance 100% better. Everyone loves a midget on a sugar high.

Tomorrow we trek to Camden to see if the small brother copes better with it than the small sister. Watch this space...

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  1. Inform CHA that Morriarty is getting a Sam. (Squeeze foot Sam.)