Monday, April 18, 2011

Death Row

So, I've written my notice - it's a bit polite and a bit angry but in a lovely font so I'm pleased with it - and I've been waiting to hand it in since 8:30am when I asked my boss for a meeting.

He has since been avoiding me like the plague.

I am starting to feel that if I just continue to ask him for ominous sounding chats in the mornings then he'll never check whether I'm working or not and I'll effectively have quit but still get paid. I think I'm on to a winner...

In other news I just ate a bucket load of sushi and am spending my day ridiculously excited about this time next week when we have the next installment of Quiz In My Pants. I have tried not to gush too much about it in my blog because I don't want it to seem like I'm just promoting it. But, over the weekend we had an awesome meeting and developed a whole heap of new rounds that are coming into force on Monday.

My favourite of these rounds involves a lego man being baked into a courgette muffin... I literally have to wear Tena lady if I'm considering this concept for more than a few minutes in a day. Ma ha ha ha ha... how excellent.

Overall it was quite a productive weekend - yesterday we had the first read through of the edited version of Ink (the theatre show I'm taking to Edinburgh) and it was excellent. Simply couldn't be any more excited about all these things that are bubbling away in the future. Now, if only I could quit my job it would be fine. My boss was last seen shoving cotton wool into his ears and humming the theme from Cheers in the stationery cupboard.

The difficulty is that the longer we go with me not doing it, the more things I can think of to add to the list of reasons for departure. Somehow I feel that citing the company golf day and subsequent hangover are not going to fly well with the board of directors. It's best not to leave someone with an active imagination hanging for too long because it leads to mischief.

I've eaten a bucket load of sushi due to nerves - I feel a bit like a sea lion now. Perhaps this is exactly how sea lions feel just before the 2pm show, knowing that if they can't catch the ball cleanly enough they'll be sent back to the ocean. I'm 90% sure that's how zoos work with constructive dismissal.

Sigh. I'll keep you posted...

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