Saturday, April 16, 2011

Few Things Better

Yesterday I noticed that there are few things that give me greater pleasure than a fully grown adult wearing a paper crown. Especially if the adult is drunk and/or smiling like a lunatic. There is nothing better than the perceived superiority of a crown combined with the ridiculousness of it being made of paper. If the wearer is throwing up massive amounts of Burger King whilst using one hand to hold themselves up and the other to keep the crown on their head then so much the better.

Today I noticed that police people on horses are utterly ridiculous. I just don't understand how having a police man on a horse is useful in central London? If anything, surely the horse is a hindrance to catching a burglar or really doing anything quickly in a crowd? Unless the primary objective is to be the most noticeable person on the street I can't see any reason why you'd find it helpful to have the added distraction of keeping a horse under control whilst doing your job.

So, those are basically two things. One brilliant. One rubbish. Enjoy.

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