Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunshine and Hair

I have just discovered something groundbreaking about myself... and it is this -

So long as either my hair or the weather are great, anything can happen in a day and I won't mind.

Now, I'm not sure if this makes me easy to please or very shallow, but it is a fantastic thing to know about oneself so early into your life. From this point onwards, I can deal with anything as long as I've got the right shampoo for my hair style or I'm living somewhere with a good weather system. And, the brilliant thing is, that the two factors in a good day can compliment each other brilliantly.

For example, today, both my hair and the weather are super groovy. I'm not blowing my own trumpet very hard, but, were I to swish like Eva right now, people would be asking questions about penta-peptides and whether I'm worth it. I'd scowl in response with a look that said, "Of course I'm worth it, now stop looking at my hair, you're using up the shine."

When I step outside, the sun is blazing down onto a chilly day - REFLECTING OFF MY HAIR!!! Incredible, it's like the two things have come together to achieve a feat of natural beauty rarely seen off the back of a wet otter. Passers by can marvel to themselves at the onset of Spring and of the brilliance of the human head warmer. And all for the price of a quick shower and some upside down blowdrying.

Next time I'm not looking forward to a day, I know all I need to do is find out whether there'll be an extreme of weather that day to enjoy, or get up early and do something to fix my barnet. Humans seem to be quite simple creatures.

I think, even if Prince Harry announced his engagement to Chelsea Davey, I wouldn't get sad today. Mostly because I've gone off him a bit lately, but also due to the hair and the weather thing.

I've got a gig and an audition tonight, I'm sure the promoters of each will be so blown away by my follicle beauty that I'll be famous by tomorrow. Then you guys cna feel smug about having been a friend/reader before I hit the big time. Then, like a true buttefly effect, happiness will spread across the world like a rainbow... all eminating from my gloriously radiant bonce.

I wouldn't like to say that I've solved 90% of the world's problems via some good genes, regular brushing and not using straighteners... but I have. And that's a fact. So, well done me! Yay! Now, about your sunny days folks... we should all be feeling good today because spring is on its way and we can all have a picnic. Ta dah!!!


  1. "some upside down blowdrying."

    Some what?

  2. If you blowdry your hair while your head is upside down you get extra volume. Sneaky genius.