Monday, March 7, 2011

Burning Holes In My Pockets Dear Liza, Dear Liza

Argh... there is something about pay day that just makes the most mind numbing crap on the planet suddenly intensely desirable... all my careful planning for how much I would save this month, and how I wouldn't be treating myself to any extravagant things after the weekend visit from the blonde sibling, is in danger of falling straight out the double glazed bay window someone could easily persuade me to buy right now.

Since the money hit my account I have just about managed to talk myself out of buying the following list of crap -

Fake nails
This, I managed when already in the queue at Boots with the offending items in my hand. What the hell was I thinking? I am one of the clumsiest, least manicured people you're ever likely to meet. The best that could happen if I wore fake nails would be that they'd fall off in half and hour. The worst involves a small child and partial sighting.

A hoody from David & Goliath involving a humorous exchange between a rock and a ruler Although this wouldn't have been the most ill advised purchase in the world, I did have to remind myself that it was £40 for a hoody that I would not be able to wear to 9/10 things I go to, and it's approaching summer. Learn something from nature, Lexx, dress for the seasons. I have no desire to start shedding through innappropriate fashion sense.

A rocking horse In all honesty, I didn't talk myself out of this purchase. I was outbid. Sodding eBay. I really wanted that rocking horse. I like horses, I like rocking... how is that a waste of money?

Purple hair dye I had to remind myself I've only just had new headshots done that are already confusing as I'm holding a harmonica but not a musical comedian. If I had purple hair they would also expect me to be zany. I am whimsical, not zany. Zany is a whole new kettle of potted black haddock.

John Denver's Greatest Hits Um...

It's a constant battle to not spend money and the internet does not help... how are you supposed to save any money when you can literally spend 24/7 without once having to check your back balance? Le sigh.

I'll keep you posted on how the month of frugality goes... let's just safely assume the last week of the month will be just as hunger filled as it usually is, only I'll be hungry on a rocking horse...

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