Sunday, March 27, 2011

Programmed for Entry

I am trying to do all the online things that I haven't had time to do all week... it is proving to be difficult. To make matters worse, I also have an hour less to do these things in thanks to the summer coming and all that jazz... if I don't get round to finishing my census thingy then I blame it entirely on the Government for putting the deadline in a 23 hour day. Ridiculous. I hope there's a box to tick so I can say I am one of those people who struggles with the clock changing.

I'm also trying to do my Fringe Program entry... bugger me it's tough! I've got 39 words to describe the play I wrote and make it as appetising as possible to folks who I want to come and see it. This is a really difficult task for someone who writes reams and reams daily.

39 words?

In 39 words I have to somehow explain that the play is about the media, 7/7, grief on a national and personal scale and a small family... but that it's not really miserable, it's quite funny in places, it's a new piece of writing and that it's the best thing in the program that goes by the name Ink.

Easy peasy?

Not easy peasy... I'm so precious about the damn play it's unreal! I'm petrified of using the terms 'darkly funny' or 'tragic' or 'moving' because they are exactly the words that would put me off going to see it. So, I need to try and describe a play about the media impact on the victims of 7/7 without it sounding like it's quite a heavy piece of ass... excellent.

It's quite interesting trying to sum up myself for the census and my play for the program on the same day. I'm much more fussed about the play coming across properly - there's every chance I'll rush the census through a bit quick and wind up declaring myself a one-legged male with some dodgy religion. Either that or my fringe program entry will list "Ink - 24 year old female, no previous criminal convictions, University Degree, dodgy singing voice."

I mean, the logical thing to do would be to stop writing my blog and put some attention to either but it's damn difficult so I think I'll carry on writing here. I'm a bit in love with my tiny blog world - it's like my baby... except that with babies people aren't allowed to write their own opinions on the bottom. That would be weird and you'd have a messy baby. Potentially you wouldn't be allowed to keep your baby for long if you let people do that to it. Interesting.

I also think it should be totally illegal to have deadlines on sunny days. There should be some system for pushing everything back a couple of days when the sun is out so that we can go and make the most of it. There's just nothing worse than being between walls when you've got blue sky pouring in the windows and actual heat in the air outside for the first time that year. Perhaps I'll attach a list of opinions and suggestions with my census, just so they get a really clear picture of what I'm like - opinionated and terrible at both concentration and entertaining myself!

I'm almost certain that long walks in the fresh air are very good for concentration and creativity though so I think it's probably a good thing that I've already put my shoes on...yup, I think this can only be a good thing...

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