Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Most Fun a Twirl Can Have Buying Frowns

Well, my second wind died down approximately four hours ago and I'm now not even vaguely enthusiastic about still being awake. I've already been up for 12 hours which isn't something I like to be able to say at 5:30pm in the evening. It's more the sort of phrase I'd like to able to use at 3am whilst I'm watching Lord of the Rings and eating ice cream.

I have been down to the seaside town of Bournemouth today. One of the longest meetings I've ever had the intense pleasure of sitting through trying to keep my eyes from glazing over.

I'm now on my bed trying to do everything I couldn't do on my way back to London because my battery died. However, I have Flight of the Conchords on in the background so it's not really the end of the world is it? Usually, you'll find things aren't the end of the world. On a bar charting "Things That Are The End of the World" and "Things That Aren't The End of the World" you would expect the first bar to be a lot smaller. Possibly invisible. Unless you've already inventoried "Armageddon" or "Apocalypse". Then you could possibly expect it to have gone up two increments.

I think today's got quite a sense of adventure feel to it. This might be just because I've been awake for hours and I watched Chocolat last night so all day long I've been thinking about the clever north wind which is slightly annoying. Spring is lurking round the corner like an embarassed school kid with a semi and it can only be a matter of days before he races around and slaps it in our faces. Woohoo for sun/penis analogies and the promise of lazy summer days ahead.

I've been trying to get my head round all this census crap today... apparently we're not all getting donkeys and going on a road trip - it's just filling out a form on the internet? I'm incredibly curious as to how worth it this whole thing is. I'm fairly sure if I stopped paying my tax, the government would know exactly where to find me even if I didn't tell them on the census. The ads I see on Facebook and Gmail make it blatantly obvious that most of my personal details are spread so far round the planet that Google could fill out my census form for me. If nothing else, I will expect my bot followers on Twitter to be marginally better informed and more suitable once I've informed the Government that I have no religion and don't consider it witty to list myself as a Jedi either.

I think I may refuse to fill it in unless I get a free donkey. Or the son of god. I'll happily be a surrogate mother to a wonder child. I say happily, I mean... I probably wouldn't be that happy. But I might get to be on the cover of a terrible magazine. I'd settle for that while I work on my lifeling ambition to be a cover girl for Horse and Hound one day. So many aspirations, so little time...

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