Saturday, October 9, 2010

Standing on my Earlobes


Panic not fine friends - it turns out the guy with the funny shirt thought I was Lady GaGa (because we look so similar) and kidnapped me by accident. After 4 hours of him asking me to sing Ra ma ooh la la, and me failing miserably, he clicked that I wasn't her and he let me go.

Relief is not the word! I spent the night in the bath trying to wash the smell out of my hair and this morning I have fingers and toes like a prune. Its a nice look but I'm going to have to sit in the airing cupboard after I've written to you and try and dry out a bit.

Right now I'm sitting on the sofa fuming about the fact that I have a Saturday morning off and Saturday Kitchen has been replaced with The Commonwealth Games - gutted! I'm trying to tell myself that the fault lies with me that I don't appreciate sport over fun cooking challenges and hairy probably shouldn't be too difficult. I think I'm a little culturally challenged.

I'm supposed to be going shopping today - and I will attend the shopping centre but unfortunately no purchasing will be done due to severe financial straits. Ah, sigh, poor me, the life of an artist and all that...meh. But, yesterday, some oppurtunist git decided to take advantage of the fact that I was a little snoozy on the train and swiped my Oyster card as I drooled.

The weird thing about this petty theft (replace petty with ridiculous if you like) is that my laptop was also on the train table and they didn't bother with that...surely that's lesson one in theft?

Q. If offered a nice laptop or unlimited access to zone 1 for the next two days - which should you take?

A. Well, I am a big fan of the District Line...


So I have a new Oyster Card now - and this one is called Fenella (after Fenella Fudge who does the travel on Radio 2 sometimes and has possibly the best name I've ever heard ever). I wouldn't have minded losing the last oyster card so much had I not given him a name (Steve Wright - my mp3s are god themed, oyster cards are radio 2 themed). I'm a bit worried that whoever has Steve Wright now is not treating him nicely and wilfully smacking him into the little yellow circle without a care for his brain haemorrhaging or anything like that. Poor Steve Wright.

Tomorrow's blog may be late but should be incredibly intensely exciting as I am going to France - just for lunch - yeah ROCK AND ROLL! Tell you about it soon...

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