Sunday, October 31, 2010

Inside my Skull

I've spent a large portion of my morning watching Supernanny. I'm ok with the judgement I might feel from some of you. It's been a difficult week and I promised myself that this weekend I would only do things I actually wanted to do.

It's been a good week; I got a wonderful new position at work and was thrilled about that. Then spent the rest of the week dodging the office minefield of trying to look enthusiastic about said position without looking like I thought I was the dog's bollocks for having said new position. Wasn't easy. Especially as new position began to seem more and more like something that was going to make me cry on a regular basis until I'd fully worked out how the hell I slotted into the current system. Conclusion; chill the fuck out with Supernanny.

I had some wonderful bus encounters this week. Why is it when people try and make friends with you on the bus, their questions immediately start to sound like doing the groundwork on killing you and disposing of your body?

* So, you live round here? Local victim...
* Have you lived in London long? Are you aware that 90% of murders begin with an innocent bus conversation?
* Do you have any family round here? Is anyone going to notice you're gone?

Also had my first experience of being on a bus when the announcement rings out - "The destination of this bus has changed. Please see driver for further information."

2 things wrong with this -
1. You can't just change the destination of a bus, that makes it a different bus. That is false advertising.
2. SEE THE BUS DRIVER? Are you insane?! No one talks to the bus driver. The bus driver is usually the drunkest, most abusive person on the damned bus. And when you live on The Old Kent road, that is impressive.

So...tangents aside, I guess the important thing is that I just wanted to do nothing and be left alone this weekend. And I've so far succeeded. Yesterday was an amazing day. My tiny little sister decided to surprise me by being amazing and ordering a brand new winter coat to be delivered for me. It was one of those things that happens totally out of the blue and makes you want to be in a musical so you can sing about it.

Then I went to the supermarket and had a great moment of personal connection with one of the checkout assistants. I was using the self-checkout and had put all my stuff through but I needed the helper man to take the tag off my brand new pink electric toothbrush. As I went over to ask him, the helper man had to sort out someone else's issue. Helper man looked me in the eye as he took off the toothbrush (I've named her Jessie) tag, and said 'Some people are so dumb.'

I felt great. Not only was this guy amusing, but he also thought of me as on his level enough to confess this without thinking I was also dumb. This was a win for me. Then I got home and realised I'd left some of shopping at the checkout. I had to go back and look at the judgemental checkout man and admit that I was also one of the dumb ones. Brilliant. Massive fail.

Today I'm in my pyjamas with a laptop, the desire to sleep and the knowledge that I should be scripting several things and writing new material. Well, maybe after the next episode of Supernanny...


  1. You have a pink toothbrush called Jessie...

  2. It might be filling a void recently created in my life...