Thursday, November 10, 2011


Blogging from deepest, darkest Cornwall on an absolutely beautiful bed with a steaming mug of tea and a fairly big grin on my face. Some quick facts about my hotel room:

1. It has ginger biscuits
2. It has a huge TV
3. The man gave me the nicest room because I am the only girl
4. The biscuits have all gone
5. I can make tea whilst in my bed
6. It is only 5 minutes from the gig
7. It has a startling lack of biscuits
8. I am not tall enough to see in the mirror on the wall
9. There is a small tea stain on the bed spread
10. There are no products to remove a small tea stain from the bed spread

I finally liberated myself from the grips of Brighton and wended my way down to the Cornish coast where it smells like damp and clean and I have two (hopefully) lovely gigs ahead of me. I've never stayed in a hotel for a gig before so I guess we can chalk this up for a career moment. I paused to appreciate in that little space bar gap there but I completely understand if it is not as cool for you and therefore you haven't.

After two weeks of sleep deprivation and serious laughter in Brighton I'm quite enjoying lying in a quiet room and chilling out for a few minutes. This week I started rehearsals for a new production I'm acting in for Spun Glass Theatre Company... it's pretty intense work. My character is an alcoholic repressive with zero social skills and a desperate secret love for a man she works with. It's not exactly light work trying to bend myself into her head and squeeze out some words. It's intense work and I love it, but combined with the sleep deprivation my head is a little melted today.

The 6 hour drive down to Cornwall obviously quite helped to transport me to another world of reality... having to do such long car journeys with relative strangers the way you do with stand up comedy leads to some situations which are pretty interesting. We left London at 12, headed to the hotel, will gig together tonight, then get back in the car tomorrow to go to the next hotel and gig in Falmouth... had we got into a row in the first 10 minutes this would have been close on to hellish. Therefore, despite having covered issues ranging from sexual preferences to Deadliest Catch to how to disable a mugger... we are all feeling pretty chipper. Ready to go and rock the good people of the Cornish coast. Rock and freaking roll. But first, a nap...

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