Monday, August 16, 2010

Mo Raterrace

Technically today is my day off but I don't want to not blog and ruin my commitment to the world of weird I'm carefully crafting here.

I've just had the most beautiful day today - we decided to get away from the city and go to the beach. So we planned going to the beach. I threw a small spanner in the works by revealing at this point that I don't like buses. I don't really know why I don't like buses because I don't have a problem with other equally rubbish modes of public transport. The only thing I can pinpoint it down to is that buses tend to get wetter than other things like the tube. And buses have horrible memories of being on them with all my school kit when they get full of condensation in the winter. Horrible.

So, we couldn't get the bus to the beach, we had to walk. We walked. It's a bloody long way to the beach. But it was made totally worth it by lots of fun things that happened along the way that are so horribly in-jokey I won't try and retell them here as you'd just be staring blankly at your computer screen wondering what the hell I was walking about. And even I wouldn't know. And neither would Santa.

Beach was beautiful, I adore the sea. I'm really looking forward to getting down to Brighton again post-Fringe and seeing the sea there. Truly one of my favourite places to be. One of my good friends that lives in Brighton once told me that he couldn't live anywhere other than the seaside because no matter who busy the city was you could always just look out to sea and see the endless expanse of serenity. I really like the idea and I find the sea immensely calming.

Today the sky was almost exactly the same colour as the sea and it all blended together into a milky blue perfection. Truly lovely. Then we stopped for a coffee and a cake and I made an Amy Pond wedding day creation out of a teaspoon and lots of different types of napkin. Absolute perfection.

We then went into an amusement arcade that had stolen many souls over the years so we didn't stop long in case it took ours. But we did stop long enough to take a picture of a bear that looked exactly like Tiernan. I was more amused than he was. But he did look like the bear. What a silly bear.

Then we walked all the way back again and somehow decided on the way that the best place to eat the marmite sandwiched Tiernan had brought was the top of Arthur's seat. And so up we went. Te climb up was bloody hard work and resulted in some quite big silences - the sort of silences where you sort of smile at each other a lot to check if any blood vessels have burst in each other's eyes but you don't want to talk much because it will result in some seriously unattractive panting. Unless you like panting. In which case you'd have been further up the hill following the huskies that were ahead of us.

The top was perfection. Truly an amazing place and despite the blood pouring from the souls of my feet I felt great and like I had really achieved something that day.

It's back to the grind tomorrow. I say grind - I mean back to doing the thing I love more than anything in the world and the chance to push myself a little further along the comedy ladder. Representing my career - not just a jokey ladder that breaks half way through. We are planning to turn Quiz In My Pants into a monthly event back in London and so I am meeting tomorrow to arrange press releases and to sort out the intricacies of how to get this off the ground. Exciting stuff.

I bloody love you world.

Oh it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you.

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