Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mind On The Run

Ah, sleep was awesome. Thanks for that Mr Sandman. I don't really understand the Mr Sandman thing? Is it an American thing? Surely sand is one of the least sleep inducing entities on the planet, I rarely fall asleep in sand. On the few occasions I have fallen asleep on a beach or in a sand pit (latter probably even less frequent than former) it has most certainly been in spite of the sand rather than because of it. So what the hell are you thinking naming yourself sandman?

Potentially I've missed something there and if there is a logical reason feel free to tweet me and let me know that I'm a dumbass. What a blilly sog this is turning out to be. I should delete the whole thing and start again but I shan't because I have woken up feeling entirely mischievous. Well, I don't feel entirely mischievous - some of me feels like skin and some wet hair (shower before you ask). But that is beside the point. I've now managed to complete 2 paragraphs of utter nonsense. Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense.

I don't know if you've seen Inception? I mainly don't know because I don't know who you are, and because potentially no one will ever read it. But I thought Inception was great, it dealt with loads of stuff connected to dreaming that was a really common thing to think about. Like the waking up feeling like you're falling and the way you never know how you got where you are in a dream.

But one thing they didn't deal with is waking up with a song in your head and no idea how it got there. I have the line 'Band on the run' repeating over and over again in my brain. The thing is, I don't even know what this song is...I'm fairly confident it's a real song? Is it? Part of me wants to say Paul McCartney? I just don't how and why has it got into my brain? And what was my dream? Why am I left with just this remnant of it? This shitty 4 word remnant of something that was probably amazing!

Maybe I was in a band? I like to think I'd be the drummer in a band. I wouldn't, definitely wouldn't because my hand eye coordination is appalling. I can barely even walk over an uneven surface so I don't think tapping hands and feet in time would be my forte. Maybe I'd be the singer, but I know I wouldn't because I lose my voice at the drop of a hat. Especially if you drop a heavy hat on my voice box. Oh dear. I certainly showed no real prowess at guitar learning when I had one - I tended to give up after my fingers started to hurt and then ignore the thing for a while. I think my painstakingly slow renditions of Under The Boardwalk may have been a contributing factor in the eventual breakdown of my relationship. There's only so many times someone can claim it's cute that you still have to count all your fingers to work out which one goes where.

So maybe I wasn't in a band in this dream. But I might have been on the run. The thing about a dream is that I could have been any kind of band. Hair band, elastic band, band aid...maybe I formed a coallition of different bands and we all had to go on the run dodging traffic and Band Murderers who were after us because of our collective uses in everyday life? That would be an amazing dream! Band of Bandy Brothers I would name it. And we would all have little bandy legs and band together to save the day from the baddies. Baddies verses bandies...we would certainly not be bandits. No no no. We would be glorious upstanding members of the small bandy community. And if anyone got hurt we could bandage them up.

Er, probably enough with the band stuff now yeah? Yeah. Good idea.

But this is what's already crossed my mind this morning. Which bodes for a not very coherent day. But a fun one! I'm probably bets avoided at all costs today for I feel a riot coming on...get on the bandwagon...

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  1. Sorry to break this to you, but "Band on the Run" is a Paul McCartney song. From when his band was called "Wings", I believe.

    As a regular reader of your blog, I kindly request an improvement of the quality of music you get at the back of your mind. :-)